Groundbreaking research by the Department of Entomology at the University of Cambridge has shown that fabrics that contain this smart fibre are able to interrupt the life cycle of the dust mite, an allergen responsible for asthma, sinusitis and rhinitis.
Amicor™ is a radical and non-aggressive solution to the health problems caused by this parasite.
Its safe-for-the-skin principle, is released from the fibres in an intelligent and gradual, way, and is longlasting even after numerous washings.
Its antimicrobial action also protects the fabrics from the bad smell generated by bacteria, thus ensuring an extended sense of freshness and high comfort.


Created with a special silver thread, this fabric has natural fungicides and bactericides. The silver component also helps to disperse any static electricity accumulating in the body during the day.
It thus guarantees a more relaxed sleep and counteracts electrosmog, i.e. the attraction of dust caused by static electricity. Silver’s properties which have been known about and used since ancient times, have today been scientifically proved.
Silver prevents the formation of bacteria, eliminating the root cause of bad smells; and numerous tests have shown a reduction in the number of mites by 92%.


Bamboo fibre is a regenerated cellulose fibre, extracted from bamboo pulp, which transfers its natural deodorant action and antibacterial action to the fabric, keeping it unaltered even after several washes.
Natural, light and durable, this fibre absorbs and evaporates body sweat in a short time, leaving a pleasant feeling of freshness.