Fabrics made from carbon fibre combine the most advanced technical characteristics with the natural character of the product.
The carbon fibre creates a barrier in the fabric, shielding against electromagnetic pollution which invades the environments in which we live on a daily basis.
Carbon is also naturally antibacterial and allows the non-harmful dispersion of these fillers.
Sleeping on a mattress that integrates carbon fibres enables us to offload the electrostatic charges accumulated and to enjoy a deeper and more rejuvenating sleep.


This latest generation yarn has thermo-regulating characteristics, i.e. the ability to absorb excess heat over night, releasing it only as it is needed. Through a patented process, numerous micro heat accumulators (which absorb up to 60 Joules per gram of fibre) are inserted into the cellulose-based fibre. The dynamic adjustment of the heat eliminates those annoying peaks that can be reached after a few hours of sleep. Smartcell clima thus provides exceptional comfort, ensuring a constant and pleasant rest.