Since the seventeenth century, mattress covers have been made with linen or cotton. Fresh, healthy and non-allergenic, 100% cotton is still an ideal material for this type of use. There is a wide variety of cottons available, from basic to high-quality combed long-staple Egyptian cotton, the best cotton in the world.

100% cotton is also available in a certified organic version:

  • not subjected to genetic manipulation
  • grown without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers
  • harvested entirely by hand without the use of defoliants
  • at use of Italian dyeworks accredited by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), without the use of carcinogenic or allergenic colorants
  • ethical and sustainable, which guarantees the producers respect for the local culture, fair working conditions and an adequate and supportive standard of living.

A product in full compliance with ecological criteria, Lyocell is a fully biodegradable cellulose fibre derived from wood.
Totally natural, Lyocell® is in perfect harmony with the body, offering a pleasant feel and freshness, which does not irritate the skin and absorbs moisture well.


Lenpur is a yarn made of pure, environmentallyfriendly and healthy cellulose.
The wood pulp is derived exclusively from timber that has been grown and cut/pruned in full compliance with regulations on eco-sustainability.
The characteristics of this fibre are outstanding, which is obtained exclusively from white pine. In fact, it differs from other cellulosic fibres in its soft feel and high absorption and release of moisture.
Fabrics in Lenpur are therefore thermo-regulators, breathable, anti-odour, and absorbent.


Milkofil is an innovative organic yarn derived from milk.
This extraordinary yarn is particularly suitable for contact with the skin and bed linen.
The fibre derived from casein, the main protein of milk, has long-lasting emissions of negative ions.
It is thus beneficial for air quality, stimulating blood circulation, as well as being naturally antibacterial and sterile.
The amino acids of the milk, transferred to the fibre, are a valuable daily care for the skin.
Milkofil has a pleasant silky appearance and optimal transpiration capacity and moisture absorption.