Since 1948 Manifattura Giussani has been producing jacquard and knitted fabrics to make mattresses, mattress covers and pillows.

As our name suggests (manifattura – literally, ‘made by hand’), our family-run company has always succeeded to maintain a strong input of craftsmanship and creative value, whilst operating at a very high level of efficiency and competitiveness within the industry.

Developed with great care and attention to design, the range of our fabrics is wide and varied; From the beauty of a timeless classical damask, to the contemporary themes of knitted fabrics, from the precious matelassé, and the softness of the laminated to the purely technical fabrics with flame retardant, biological and hypoallergenic technologies.

In line with changing tastes and fashion, we regularly renew our collections in terms of themes and tones.

Constant research and technical experimentation enables us to offer new, unique and personalized fabrics, created ad-hoc to the specific demands of the customer.

We aim to put at your service professionalism, passion, experience, and an ability to listen along with a great can-do attitude. Don’t hesitate to contact us!